Sexual Harassment

Dealing with Sexual Harassment at FAU

On 23 September 2014, the university management has adopted the „guidelines for dealing with sexual harassment at FAU“ . With these directives, the university is sending a clear signal in order to practice an active approach to the topic of sexual harassment at the FAU. The guidelines are serving the protection, providing of information and sensitization of all university members on the subject. Next to a first-step-guideline for affected persons and witnesses, they also contain contact information about drop-in centers and offers of consultation. The FAU as a place for scientific research and employment thereby makes sure that there is zero tolerance for a negative influence of a friendly work environment caused by sexual harassment and that there is an offer of suitable preventive measures against it.

Further Information

Internet training „Sexual harassment and violence in the world of work and education“ informs about forms, rights and options for reactions (only available in German)

Leaflet “No means No. Sexual harassment – making sure it is dealt with through information and support”Information for employees, students, and managers