Dr. Ani Özcelik receives Faculty of Sciences’ Women’s Prize for 2023

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Dr. Ani Ozcelik is a physical-organic chemist, who obtained her BSc degree in Chemistry from Kocaeli University (Turkey). During her MSc and PhD at the University of Vigo (Spain) with Prof. Alonso Gómez and Dr. Pereira Cameselle, her main focus was the fundamental property of chirality and how it could be evoked in fully operational chiroptical systems at both the single molecular and supramolecular levels using an experimental-theoretical approach. Her PhD studies were fully funded by Xunta de Galicia and as a pre-doctoral visiting scholar she also conducted a three-month research stay in the group of Prof. R. Chiechi at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), where she familiarized with the design and use of self-assembled monolayers in organic electronics. After earning her PhD with cum laude distinction in 2021, in the same year she joined to Prof. Dube’s group at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. Since 2022 she is a Humboldt postdoctoral research fellow and explores the current hot topic of molecular machines toward nanotechnology applications.

During her postdoctoral stay in the Prof. Dube´s group, she has become intrigued by molecular propellers as another prospective motive for molecular machinery and gained deep knowledge in the related area. Molecular propellers resemble their macroscopic counterparts encountered in vehicles, e.g. airplanes or boats, in terms of their synchronized-twisting shapes and they can similarly serve as valuable platforms to provide not only responsive materials, but also fundamental insight into photochemical processes associated with biological systems. With the proposed research scheme for “The Faculty of Sciences Women’s Prize”, she will construct novel light-energy-powered molecular propellers to establish different motions and generate a new class of chiroptical luminophores.


Dr. Ani Ozcelik
Mail: ani.oezcelik@fau.de
Tel: +49 9131-85-65446
AK Prof. Dr. Henry Dube
Chemikum – Chair of Organic Chemistry I
Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Straße 10
91058 Erlangen